Release v.0.1.6

Hey there!
This is the app version 0.1.6 and those are the main features you can find:

  • Search for Arena Team: With this feature you can search for a team that can beat the inutted enemy team! After a quick search you’ll get list of teams with the win percentage, the report count (how much reports with that teams has been sent from users) and the expected battle result!
  • Preferreds Teams: You can save an entire team in the preferred list to insert it later with a sample tap! No-one toolkit is faster and easier than our!
  • Send Battle Reports: You can send a battle report that will improve our database accuracy in realtime, for all users!
  • See own Reports: With this feature you can see all battle reports you’ve sent, ordered chronologically!
  • Equip Planner: This is our most appreciated feature! With the Equip Planner you can create unlimited equipment progress plans. You need to just:
    – select a character
    – input the level from you’re starting and the level you want to reach
    – and voilà.. the app will show you ALL items you need to complete that range!
    After adding it to your planner, you can tap on each items to check if you already got it and get an updated list every time.
    A future feature that we’ll introduce will be the possibility tho know where the item can be found, its cost (energy, clan shard, etc) and what node has the best piece/cost ratio!

The app is available on the following stores:
Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

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