Release v.0.2

Hey there!
This is the Age of Magic – Support Kit app version 0.2 and those are the main features you can find:

  • All features included in the v.0.1.6
  • Filtering System: You can now ordering search team results by:
    “result” (the most resistant team)
    – “win percentage” (the most undefeated team)
    – “users reports count” (the most reliable team)!
  • Item Finder Tool: You can find which campaign nodes will drop the items you need to complete your equip plans, the each own energy costs and which is the cheapest and which has the best ratio (quantity:energy)
  • Translations: The app was fully translated in more than 5 languages!
    Available translations: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese

In the next update (Age of Magic – Support Kit v.0.3) we will introduce more features like:

  • Clan War Teams: you’ll be able to setup your clan war teams avoiding duplication errors and see all in a single page, share it to your clan leaders and more!

The app is available on the following stores:
Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

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